New to Cedar Hill in 2011 is our Straw Bale Educational Garden.  The Forsyth County, Georgia Master Gardener’s volunteered their time and expertise in helping us establish this garden.  Our thanks go out to them – we couldn’t have done it without you!

We began by placing the bales end to end in two straight rows.  They bales sit on old newspaper that will help choke out the grass and weeds that lie beneath.  This is good for the soil as the decaying plant matter will turn into rich nutrients in the soil.

To see what happens next, click on our picture for our video teaser:

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The concept of straw bale gardening centers on the desire to enrich and build the soil and not tear it down or destroy it.  Increasingly, agricultural experts have come to realize that plowing and tilling soil actually does more harm than good to the soil, depleting nutrients and enabling erosion.  Utilizing the straw bale approach allows a building up of nutrients without harming good enzymes and nutrients that already exist in the soil.

This video helps detail some of the straw bale methods:

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Whether or not straw bale gardening is for you, there certainly are some interesting and enlightening techniques to learn from it!

We will be recording this year’s garden throughout the seasons, through video.  We believe we will learn much from this project and hope you will too.

Our final video for this week is a fun look at the camaraderie that gardening with friends builds and also lends a number of useful tips as well as entertains!

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